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Autism ADHD Foundation

We recommend visiting the website of the Australian Autism ADHD Foundation. There's great information on the most common causes of ADHD and Autism. Joining as a member will support the research, advocacy and educational program of the foundation. Donations are tax deductible.

Dyslexia and Learning Difficutlies?

Learning Difficulties Treatment


Dyslexia is associated with varying degrees of difficulties with detecting fine movement (visual movement detection) and phonetic (word sounds) differentiation. It is believed that the disorder is due to dysfunction in a part of the brain called the lateral and ventral geniculate nuclei of the thalamus. The affected child often has difficulties with fine movement integration, can be fussy eaters and/or have a relatively poor nutrient uptake, which affects the integrity of brain structures. See also the pages on Visual Processing and Dyslexia.

Learning Difficulties

Learning difficulties can arise from a difference in maturation in a number of brain areas giving rise to a variety of specific learning difficulties, including central auditory processing disorder (CAPD) and short-term working memory (STWM) problems. See our sections on Visual Processing Disorder and Central Auditory Processing Disorder for more information. Learning difficulties respond very well to neurotherapy. Many studies finding an average of 15 point IQ increases following neurotherapy.

Treatment of Dyslexia and Learning Difficulties

The clinic uses a two prong approach to learning difficulties treatment. Each of the approaches used have individually been shown to be effective in significantly improving symptoms of dyslexia and learning difficulties in a number of well-designed controlled studies. When used together as a two-step program in this order, they provide the best learning difficulties treatment options.

  • A specific Nutrient supplementation program is used to promote optimum brain cells and structures.
  • Neurotherapy is used to reduce excessive slow brainwave activity associated with Learning Difficulties and to promote optimum connectivity between brain structures as these are essential for learning and acquisition of knowledge.

Neurotherapy and nutritional supplementation are discussed elsewhere on this web site.



 Intensive ABA Course based on Pivotal Response Treatment to train parents and caregivers are available.

Pre-booking is essential.

Cost $590

DSS (previously FaHCSIA) will pay for parents to do the course.

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