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We recommend visiting the website of the Australian Autism ADHD Foundation. There's great information on the most common causes of ADHD and Autism. Joining as a member will support the research, advocacy and educational program of the foundation. Donations are tax deductible.


These world-wide ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) news items are not necessarily in agreement with our own views. We strongly maintain that the most effective treatment for ADHD is Neurotherapy in combination with dietary intervention and nutritional supplementation, with behaviour therapy used as an add-on if necessary. Medication can be useful in the short-term in some children while waiting for Neurotherapy and nutrients to take effect.

These world-wide ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) news items are not necessarily in agreement with our own views. We strongly maintain that the most effective treatment for ADHD is Neurotherapy in combination with dietary intervention and nutritional supplementation, with behaviour therapy used as an add-on if necessary. Medication can be useful in the short-term in some children while waiting for Neurotherapy and nutrients to take effect.

ADHD News Item: Children ‘believe ADHD is contagious’

Source: The Australian, 14 September 2006


Children have serious misconceptions about ADHD and what it means to have the disorder. These need to be addressed as children who are receiving treatment often don’t understand what is wrong with them, or why they are taking medication. …read more.

ADHD News Item: The quest to unlock the mysteries of ADHD

Source: The Sydney Morning Herald, 14 September 2006

Author: Julie Robotham

Using brain scans and genetic testing to diagnose ADHD is a promising area of research. It is hoped that this information will lead to a more reliable test for diagnosis, and more precise modes of treatment. …read more.

ADHD News Item: Parents pursuing Rx for academic excellence: Two-thirds of physicians report unwarranted requests in the last year

Source: Genetic Engineering News, 14 September 2006

Author: Biowire

A survey of physicians in the US had 2-thirds of the doctors reporting that parents are requesting prescriptions of drugs, such as those prescribed for ADHD, to enhance their child’s academic abilities. …read more.

ADHD News Item: Not all ADHD drugs are equal

Source: Doctors Guide, personal edition, 6 September 2006


A study conducted at the University of Virginia Health System has found that different medications for treating ADHD are better than others when it comes to driving for teens. …read more.

ADHD News Item: Study questions claims children overmedicated for ADHD

Source:, 1 September 2006

Author: Jim Dryden

Study questions claims American children are overmedicated for ADHD. It is important for mental health professionals to get the children into treatment, it may become possible to intervene in new ways — with psychotherapies, environmental interventions or medications that affect biological pathways. …read more.

ADHD News Item: ADHD drugs to carry warnings regarding heart problems, psychotic behaviour and sudden death

Source:, 24 August 2006

Author: Pharmaceutical news

The FDA in the US has decided that some drugs commonly used to treat ADHD will need to include warnings about serious heart problems and the possible risks of mania and sudden death. There are concerns about how the warnings will effect usage of the drugs. …read more.

ADHD News Item: Adults with ADHD

Source:, 20 August 2006

Author: Dr. Tedd Mitchell

This is a brief article about some of the challenges affecting adults with ADHD, and some suggestions to help. …read more.

ADHD News Item: Healthy Eating tips for children with ADHD

Source: Sulphur Springs News Telegram, 13 August 2006

Author: Johanna Hicks

This is a brief article outlining some key nutrition facts that are helpful for all kids, but can definitely help set children with ADHD up for success. …read more.

ADHD News Item: For girls, ADHD symptoms may differ

Source: The Washington Post, 12 August 2006

Author: Sandra G. Boodman

Girls have been understudied in ADHD research. New studies are being published that are looking at its effects on girls and their development. Among these studies are ones suggesting the prevalence is higher than previously thought in girls and their symptoms will present differently. …read more.

ADHD News Item: Parents, Teachers key to success for ADHD students

Source: eMaxHealth, 8 August 2006


This article briefly describes some strategies for improving the success of students in school. …read more.

ADHD News Item: Video Games for ADHD

Source:, 1 August 2006


This article simply highlights video games as an alternate treatment for ADHD, as well as listing the prominent medications. …read more.

ADHD News Item: Greater Risk of Accidents in Young Adult Drivers with ADHD

Source:, 1 August 2006

Author: PRNewswire

A recent study showed that youths being treated for their ADHD symptoms improved their driving ability. These highlights the concerns regarding drivers who are not treated for their symptoms, and the difficulty they may have staying focussed. …read more.

ADHD News Item: Better ADHD Screening is Developed

Source: United Press International, 25 July 2006

Author: Jonathan Jay Gibian

A brief press release highlighting a new, and more successful, screening technique that has been developed to identify ADHD in substance users. …read more.

ADHD News Item: Getting your ADHD child working independently

Source:, 24 July 2006

Author: Hoe Bing

This article responds to a question about getting a child to work on its own. The article discusses the effort and strategies that go into cultivating the self-discipline needed to work independently, as well as some advice from child psychologists or psychiatrists. …read more.

ADHD News Item: Drug, Counseling Combo Is Best for Kids With Complex ADHD

Source: Newswise, Health Behavior News Service, 20 July 2006


For children who suffer from ADHD as well as other issues such as depression, the most cost-effective treatment is a combination of medication and behavioural therapy. For those with ‘pure’ ADHD, which is uncomplicated by other problems, medication seems to be the most cost-effective. …read more.

ADHD News Item: Summer Over but Kids Still Need Time Outdoors

Source: Newswise, National Wildlife Federation (NWF), 19 July 2006


Summer is a time when kids can go outside and be more active outdoors. With the cooler weather kids are spending more time indoors and less time being active. New research is showing that for those with ADHD exposure to natural settings helps to reduce symptoms. …read more.

ADHD News Item: ADHD is a risk for girls as well as boys

Source: Washington Post, 13 July 2006

Author: Sandra G. Boodman

There is a misconception that girls with ADHD have less of a risk of developing other problems in the future, such as substance abuse, then boys with the disorder. A recent longitudinal study showed that girls with ADHD who were followed through school were more at greater risk for substance abuse, emotional problems and learning difficulties. …read more.

ADHD News Item: Is it ADHD? Or is it Depression?

Source: Washington Post, 11 July 2006

Author: Sandra G. Boodman

In girls the symptoms of ADHD can be difficult to separate from those of clinical depression. There is also the challenge of both problems being present. This article highlights some of the differences that one can look for. …read more.

ADHD News Item: ADHD prescriptions may face government inquiry

Source: The Age, 8 July 2006


After the discovery that children under 6 were being prescribed medication for ADHD the government has asked the TGA to investigate the issue. …read more.

ADHD News Item: More support for omega-3 calming ADHD kids

Source: Nutra Europe, 22 June 2006


A study done at the University of South Australia has shown that omega-3 and omega-6 supplements were more effective than Ritalin in improving attention span and hyperactivity scores. This adds to a growing body of evidence supporting the use of supplements to effect the behaviour and learning of children. …read more.

ADHD News Item: Pine bark extract could calm ADHD kids, says study

Source: Nutra USA, 19 June 2006


Pycnogenol, a French maritime pine bark extract, has been shown to improve attention and coordination and reduce hyperactivity in children with ADHD. The study suggests that this might be a new option to relieve children of their symptoms of ADHD. …read more.

ADHD News Item: Midbrain, striatal and amygdalar dopaminergic dysfunction in ADHD

Source:, 7 June 2006


A German study has found a significant difference in the brain’s dopamine system in people with ADHD. This system is involved with reward related behaviour and learning. …read more.

ADHD News Item: ADHD 'linked to premature birth'

Source: BBC News, 4 June 2006


A Danish study has found a link between babies who are born prematurely and ADHD. The study found that babies born at 34-36 weeks were more likely to be diagnosed with the disorder. …read more.

ADHD News Item: Mixed Amphetamine Salts Most Effective Treatment for ADHD

Source: Doctors Guide, June 1 2006


A meta-analysis of research done over the last 25 years has shown that stimulant medication such as mixed amphetamine salts and methylphenidates are more effective in treating ADHD than non stimulant or novel stimulant medications. …read more.

ADHD News Item: 2 New Studies for best Treatment for ADHD Underway at UB

Source: 15 May 2006

Author: Written by Staff

Two new studies will be starting at the University at Buffalo. One study will look at the effectiveness of varying amounts of behaviour modification for young children with ADHD. The second study will look at the interactions of medication and behaviour modification therapy and their effectiveness. …read more.

ADHD News Item: 5 Ways to Rebuild Confidence in Kids with ADHD
: Best Syndication, 9 May 2006


Many kids with ADHD have low self-confidence. This article summarises some ways of rebuilding this lack of confidence. …read more.

ADHD News Item: ADHD Cognitive And Behavioral Problems Linked To Genetic And Environmental Interactions By Study

Source: Medical news Today, 5 May 2006


A new study has shown that the behaviour and cognitive issues faced by those with ADHD are the result of a complex interplay of environment and genes. …read more.

ADHD News Item: Kids with ADD/ADHD can have a tough transition to middle school

Source: Special to The Seattle Times, 3 May 2006

Author: Melinda Tsuchiya

The transition to high school is challenging for all students, but it can be even more troublesome for children with ADHD. It is important for families, the children themselves and teachers to work together to address the problems that come up. In this article Melinda highlights some of the things that often go wrong. …read more.

ADHD News Item: Are genes and environment at root of ADHD?

Source: Revolution Health, 3 May 2006


A recent study has investigated the interplay between genetics and environment in shaping behaviours and symptoms. The study looked at genes, sex and toxins. Specifically at how they interact to shape ADHD. …read more.

ADHD News Item: Going the Behavior Route

Source:, 02 May 2006

Author: Sandra G. Boodman

This article discusses some of the concerns around treating ADHD only with medication and some of the merits of Behavioural therapy or combined treatment options. …read more.

ADHD News Item: Adult ADHD can lead to relationship problems and career failure

Source: Redlands Daily Facts, 2 May 2006

Author: Bruce A. Fountain

ADHD is an issue that continues into adulthood, and often needs treatment to continue. Without support adults with ADHD can experience problems in relationships and careers. …read more.

ADHD News Item: Pediatricians Should Recognize Signs Of Aggression And Report This To Appropriate Community Organizations

Source: Medical News Today, 01 May 2006

Author: Karen Richardson

Aggression in children is a predictor of violence later in life, and so it is important to train pediatricians to recognize the signs and refer them to community services for support. …read more.

ADHD News Item: Alternative Treatments for ADHD that Work

Source: Nutrition Site

Author: Moss Green, BellaOnline’s Nutrition Editor

This article reviews some of the supplements that can be effective in treating ADHD symptoms and why they are good. …read more.

ADHD News Item: Advocate of ADHD patch says it shouldn’t be the first choice

Source: The Philadelphia Inquirer, April 12 2006

Author: Dawn Fallik

The FDA, amid concerns about possible side effects recently endorsed a new patch that administers the same medication as Ritalin. The concerns are around parents following the patch’s instructions properly to avoid misuse. This is not to say that there aren’t benefits, parents just need to be cautious. …read more.

ADHD News Item: Is there life after depression and anxiety? Adult ADHD in General Practice: Presented at ACP-ASIM

Source: Doctor’s Guide, personal edition, April 10 2006

Author: Sue Peterman

There are a large number of adults who are going undiagnosed and untreated for symptoms of ADHD. Dr. Feldman described some of the issues around recognising and dealing with adult ADHD in a presentation to ACP-ASIM. …read more.

ADHD News Item: Teachers Better At Rating Child's Behaviors, Parents Better At Rating Child's Emotional States

Source: Medical News Today, 09 Apr 2006

Author: Anne Bromley

A recent study at the University of Virginia shows that parents are better at rating a child’s emotional state and teachers are better at rating bad behaviours. This suggests that there is a need for both to work together to best benefit the child. …read more.

ADHD News Item: ADHD symptoms in children may be caused by sleep disorder

Source: Iron Mountain, April 8 2006.


Some of the symptoms seen in children with ADHD are similar to those seen in children who are having difficulty sleeping. Snoring is the first sign of a sleeping problem. …read more.

ADHD News Item: Strongest warnings on ADHD drugs rejected. FDA advisers instead recommend simpler language on labels.
despite side effects.
Source:, Newsweek, March 28, 2006

Author: The Associated Press

An advisory panel in the U.S. voted against putting the strongest level of side-effect warnings on drugs used in treating ADHD. There are many concerns about side-effects from these drugs and caution needs to be taken in both prescribing and using the medications. Although there will be warnings about possible cardiovascular and other possible effects, they will not be the highlighted boxes that were recommended. more.

ADHD News Item: More adults, fewer young kids on ADHD drugs.
Side effects may be unacceptable
Source: newsweek, March 22, 2006.

Author:, Reuters and the Associated Press.

This article describes the use of medication to treat children and adults diagnosed with ADHD in the U.S. more.

ADHD News Item: Brain scans shed light on ADHD
: newsweek, November 21, 2005

Author: Reuters

This is a summary of a study that was done using fMRI to identify differences in the brain in specific areas that control impulse and attention. more.

ADHD News Item: 'A Problem in the Brain' ADHD medicine is not just for children anymore
: newsweek, October 17, 2005

Author: Peg Tyre

This article discusses how the number of adults being diagnosed with ADHD has increased in recent years. Although the treatment has been great for many people there are concerns about overmedicating ourselves. more.

ADHD News Item: New Options for ADHD
:, Newsweek, September 22, 2005

Author: Alison D. Schonwald, M.D., and Leonard Rappaport, M.D., M.S.

ADHD is treatable, but there are options for treatment. It is important to discuss the issues of compliance with your doctor when trying to develop a treatment plan. more.

ADHD News Item: The Gift Of ADHD? Two new books look at the upside of a disorder.
:, Newsweek, March 14, 2005

Author: Anne Underwood

Two new books bring up the positive points about ADHD - that people with the disorder can be more creative, have more energy and better intuition. There are also many CEOs who have the disorder. Critics caution about romanticizing a serious disorder by diminishing the impacts of it. more.


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